O'LEA Fruit Face Mask Maker

O'LEA Fruit Face Mask Maker

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Having issues finding the right face mask for your skin type? Enjoy a unique facial spa from the comfort of your own home!

The O’LEA Fruit Mask Maker allows you to create your own natural face masks according to your own skin condition by using the juice from fruits, milk, yogurt, tea, honey or vegetables WITHIN 5 MINUTES!

The O’LEA Fruit Mask Maker allows the nutrients to maintain its full natural effects because of its newly developed feature of having a constant temperature. The built-in millilitre-level smart sensors can sense any slight differences of the liquid poured in. With the high precision sensor, it can help make a mask the best ratio and achieve an ideal effect from the mask.

With a minimal noise level and compact size, make your very own face mask wherever you go.

Benefits of O’LEA Fruit Mask Maker:

  • Create your very own face mask to meet your needs
  • Brighten Your Skin Using Things you can find at home!
  • Using just Yogurt, Honey, Milk Or Cherry – Brighten Your Skin
  • Using Tomato, Kiwi or Fruits – Helps With Acne
  • Using Pear, Watermelon, Cucumber Or Apple – Helps Replenish The Skin With Water
  • Using Carrots, Orange, Strawberry Or Dragon Fruit – Helps Smoothen The Skin


When to use:

It is recommended to use the O’LEA Fruit Mask Maker 2-4 times a week but this can vary. Depending on different skin types would determine the recommended times of use per week. We would advise you to contact your local skin care doctor for advice on the amount of times to use a face mask.

How to use:

  • Connect The O’LEA Fruit Mask Maker To A Power Socket (The Indicator Lights Will Light Up)
  • Hold The Power Button On The Machine To Open
  • Add 60ml Water INDICATORS
  • Add 20ml Of Juice
  • Add 1 Collagen Tablet (1 Per Mask)
  • Place The Face Mask Mould Under The Drain Port
  • Press Operations Button To Start Making A Face Mask
  • Press The ‘Drain’ Button To Discharge The Facemask Fluid Into The Face Mask Mould
  • Let The Mask Settle For 2 Minutes Before Applying To The Face.
  • Once The Face Mask Fluid Has Drained, The Machine Will Automatically Go Into A Cleaning Mode & The Cleaning Mode Light Will Come On
  • Add 80ml Of Water Inside The Machine
  • Use The Brush Provided Within The Package To Clean Machine
  • Press The ‘Operations’ Button For The Machine To Clean The Inside Itself
  • Press The ‘Drain’ Button To Discharge Of The Cleaning Fluid


  • Honey, milk and other dense liquid must be diluted before use.
  • Please follow the indicator lights to make the mask, and clean the machine after use.
  • The total fluid added to the machine shall not exceed 90ml
  • Do not move or shake the machine during operation.
  • The machine is not water-proof, so please do not rinse it in water.