O’LEA UltraSonic Facial Scrubber

O’LEA UltraSonic Facial Scrubber

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Do You Want Refreshed, Rejuvenated And Ultra-Smooth Skin? Do You Want To Improve Your Skin Nutrient Absorption?

The O’LEA UltraSonic Facial Scrubber emits waves at 24,000 Hz per second which allows pores to unseal and exfoliates the skin allowing the skin to painlessly regain its nourishment and cleanliness. This also enhances the skin to absorb nutrients from your favourite Moisturiser, Serums or Creams Leading to increased levels of nutrients.

Want To Massage The Skin Whilst Removing Wrinkles? Need A Solution For Clogged Up Pores?

The benefits are unreal as this small portable device allows you to travel anywhere in the world whilst keeping your skin looking and feeling FRESH. Some of the benefits of the O’LEA UltraSonic Facial Scrubber are:

  • High-Frequency Ultrasonic Vibrations - (24000Hz) Vibration And Mild Heating For The Ultimate Effect
  • Re-Surfaces The Skin Allowing The Skin To Feel Rejuvenated And Refreshed
  • Removes Any Trapped Debris Or Dead Skin Cells Releasing Your Skin From Its Imprisonment
  • Unblocks Pores
  • Blemishes Irritating Blackheads
  • Improves Blood Circulation Which Helps Uplift Your Face Allowing The Skin To Unwrinkle

When to use?

The O’LEA UltraSonic Facial Scrubber should be used no more than twice per week. As much as you’d like a massaging experience whilst uplifting the face, too much can cause a negative impact. We would advise you to contact your local skin care doctor for advice on the amount of times to use the ultrasonic facial scrubber.

How to Use?

  • Remove Any Makeup (If Any) Before Using The Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber For Maximum Benefit.
  • Apply Your Facial Cleanser And Rinse To Ensure No Debris Is Left On The Forefront Of The Skin (We Recommend The O’LEA Facial Cleansing Exfoliator)
  • Steam Your Face For To Allow The Pores To Unseal. (We Recommend The O’LEA Facial Steamer)
  • Turn The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber On And Move It Forward And Backward Over The Skin At An Angle So The Blade Is Pushing Dirt Out Of The Skin.
  • DO NOT Go Over The Same Area Over Skin More Than 3 Times
  • Use A Damp Cold Towel Or Cold Mask To Close The Pores (We Recommend The O’LEA Cryo Facial Ice Globes)
  • Apply A Facial Moisturiser To Shrink The Pores

For Further Instructions, Please Read The Instruction Manual Provided With The Product.